Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Counterfeit Flashes?

It's always hard to be sure... but I'm getting a lot of failures on the last tray of flash chips - I'm up to 29 so far (and I only had 110 in the first place!) What bugs me is that the first trays I ran through, the smaller ones, were perfect, as were the first ten or so from the big tray.

I can't find any markings that tell me for sure what's wrong with the chips that fail - they have varying date codes and I don't (yet) have any for-certain authentic chips to compare them against. But the chips that fail all fail the same way - the EPROM programmer reports that the ID command comes back as "0x09090909" (and 0x09 seems to be the ID command), and if I ignore it, both the chip erase and the write attempts fail immediately.

This means if I'm going to reach 100 carts for Dragon's Lair, I'm now dependent on the manufactured run working. I haven't started that software yet, hopefully this weekend. (I started to update Classic99 for the flash emulation and that turned into a re-architecture. So hey, good news, I finally started version 4! ;) But I need to put that aside and do something quicker and hackier for testing the software.)

The good news is that although Fry's didn't have any CF cards, I did grab a bunch off Amazon. Only a couple of them worked on the CF7 (there's really something wrong with that thing's timing), but I only need ONE to work, so I can proceed with that for now. They've billed me for them, so fingers crossed.

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